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Progress towards goals takes place anytime and anywhere. This pocket-sized motivational journal will help you keep track of progress on the go, with space for daily task tracking, monthly reviews, and prompts for you to make huge leaps towards your dreams in 90 days.

90 day goals
When starting off with this cute little journal, make note of your five goals over the next 90 days. Make sure you are clear when articulating these so you can track progress easier.

Daily progress
Each day, jot down your focus and then reflect on what you have done to get closer to your dreams, any struggles, and your plans for tomorrow. Having a full two page spread for each day allows you to supplement your diary or planner and make journalling effective and efficient. 

30 day reviews
A few times along the journey, you'll be asked to reflect on your progress over the past 30 days, with curated journalling questions. In addition to the daily pages, this allows you to step back and assess progress at a higher level. 

At the end of the journal, you even have space for other notes worth jotting down. Use it for future goals or brilliant ideas!

  • Outside: hardcover with foil
  • Inside: 208 pages, divider ribbon
  • Size: A6 (105 x 148 mm) 

Type: Journal