Our Story

Up & Atem founder Sara Kahlau pastels bed stationery

A constant dreamer, always wanting to do and be more, I proudly launched this inspirational brand aggregator in 2016. We curate unique stationery brands from all over the world, searching for products that help you dream big, get organised, and achieve more.

Where did it all start?

Born-and-bred in Sweden, I took the leap and moved to Australia all by myself in my early twenties. My stubborn nature didn't allow me to give up on a dream to live overseas. Starting a new life in an unfamiliar place might sound scary. It wasn't. 

From day dot, I remember my excitement at all the possibilities that come from making a big life change. That first leap allowed me to launch head-first into many opportunities. Hard work, persistence, and perhaps a drop of luck steered me towards a career in strategy consulting, followed by a leadership role at a social insurer. 

I've always wanted to 'have it all'. Beyond career goals, I'm hugely passionate about health and wellbeing, exploring new places, cooking yummy vegan food, and enjoying little moments of joy at home.

I try to cram every possible thing into every 24 hours. And I can't imagine going through life not pursuing my passions and dreams.

Which brings me to you.

My burning aspiration is to inspire and motivate you to continue to dream big. I want to give you all the tools you need to be everything you want to be.

Up & Atem is home to the inspirational stationery goodies and practical (free!) information you need to plan and organise your dream life. Browse our latest products to find the perfect tools for you. And, if you love learning, visit our blog for motivating and practical articles.

Up & Atem Inspirational Stationery Brands

Inspirational stationery brands from all over the world - all in one place.


Up & Atem is by, and for, dreamers, hustlers and achievers. People like you and me. We curate local and global brands that inspire, and we also help you select the perfect stationery pieces for you to organise your life and achieve your goals.


Up & Atem Hand Packed Stationery

Put together and wrapped by hand - just for you.

I believe in your dreams. I want to inspire you, motivate you, and celebrate with you.

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Thank you so much for stopping by. I'm grateful for a chance to connect and excited to see you reach for your dreams.