The Ultimate Travel Packing List

March 02, 2017

The Ultimate Travel Packing List

Going on an adventure? Travelling for business or family? Or are you simply planning a nice getaway weekend? I've done a fair bit of travelling - anything from a few days for leisure and weekly for business, to completely relocating to a new country.

So, I've experienced the Packing Challenge first hand. How to squeeze as much as possible into the allowed bag dimensions and maximising the weight allowed, whilst still not having to carry your entire weight in personal belongings.

You want to feel organised and prepared to fully launch yourself into your travel exprience.

Below are there handy tips, and I've also prepared a complete, downloadable packing list for you to print out (no signup required!) and tweak to fit your needs. It's based on a formula, which I'll explain a little bit further below.

But first, (coffee... just kidding) the three tips:

1. Have a colour palette: this might sound boring, but all the items in your entire portable wardrobe match, you'll be able to maximise usage and minimise unnecessary weight. My palette is always neutral: black, white, navy, grey... Black and nude shoes. A black jacket. White tops. You get the picture.

2. Think multi-use items: try to pack as many multi-purpose pieces of clothing, accessory, and beauty products as possible. For example, black lounge pants are both PJs and lounge wear. A moisturiser for hands/feet, skin, lips, etc. (Elizabeth Arden has a fantastic one). Learn how to use a straightening iron for both straight hair and curls. And so on. 

3. Plan all your outfits: again, this might come across as quite boring of you're a fun and spontaneous fashionista - but planning all your outfits in advance will minimise unnecessary "you never know, I might use it!" excuses.

Now to the packing list "formula". 

In the below prentable packing list, I've categorised and listed all possible items you'd need - for any type of travel. There's space to add the quantities you need. Here's the formula part: in brackets, I've included the quantity you'd need for one day, where relevant. You'd then multiply by the number of days you are travelling, or the number of days until you can do a wash (for longer trips), to calculate your total quantities. For example, 1 pair of socks per day, and 1/7 pyjamas. 

Now you're thinking, how could I pack 1/7 pyjamas? When your total quantity is less than a whole, round up to the nearest number. The reason for this is, I've estimated you'd need 1 pyjamas per week, meaning 1/7 pyjamas per day.

Here's an example.

Say you're travelling for 10 days. 1/7 pyjamas x 10 = 10/7 pyjamas. You could now decide whether to round down to 1 pyjamas (if you can stand it 10 days straight, or can wash), or round up to 2 pyjamas if you prefer.

Get it? If not, ask questions below. If you do, go ahead and download the printable, and get packing!





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