The Ultimate Minimalist Guide: an Organised and Simple Life

July 05, 2017

The Ultimate Minimalist Guide: an Organised and Simple Life

Want to feel free and light? Do you struggle to find things? Feel overwhelmed and like you're not in control? It's time to dump the crap (pardon my French). 

It's amazing how physical things can weigh us down. We live in such a material world, with stuff everywhere. From piles of clothes and a line-up of devices, to gifts we never use and sentimental things we collect. All these things can make you waste time trying to find lost things (12 days per year to be exact) and underutilise space in your home because of all the clutter.

If you're interested in trying minimalism, I've got five steps that'll help you feel free, light, and organised. Let's get into it.

1. De-clutter, discard, and donate

The first thing you need to do is go on a de-clutter spree. Grab two boxes or plastic bags, one for things you want to throw out and one for things you can give away. Go from room to room and be harsh - all items you don't use often and that don't mean much to you should go in one of these two boxes or plastic bags.

If you struggle to say goodbye to some of your stuff, remember that donations help others in much less fortunate situations. Those jeans you don't wear and that spare pillow can be a big help to someone. 

2. Clean out your house

A big favourite of mine is spring cleaning. Completely clearing out the pantry, bookshelves, and cabinets creates such a free feeling. It helps you find things easier, and you'll likely uncover things you didn't know you had!

Make a list of all the rooms in your house. Commit to clean out one room a month (or more if you have the time). Empty each space, wipe out all the dust bunnies, and get rid of anything that's not useful anymore.

3. Streamline your wardrobe

A lot of us have a thing for shopping. I completely get it. But, think about the percentage of your entire wardrobe you use regularly. You probably have a lot of clothes you never really use, or haven't used for a long time. Yet, you feel that you never have anything to wear!

First, try to settle on a colour scheme so you can mix and match all your clothes. For example, I love a neutral colour palette of denim, navy, black, white, blush and grey with a few adjacent colours that still pair well. This means I can always put together an outfit quickly.

Here's a simple way to clear out the clothes you don't use: turn all hangers the other way around. Every time you use a piece of clothing, turn the hanger back the right way. After a few months, get rid of anything you haven't used.

4. Pack lightly

It's so easy to overpack for a trip, if you're not organised. Take the time to think through everything you actually need. No more 'but it might come in handy'. Pack complete outfits and the bare minimum of technology and toiletries. 

If you've streamlined your wardrobe, it'll be even easier for you to pack clothes that you can mix and max into numerous outfits.  

5. Go on a digital detox

Lastly, minimalism is also about creating space and time in our lives. We're so connected these days, that we're always occupied in front of a screen. Switching off for periods of time will give you more mental space, which reduces overwhelm. 

It's hard, I know, but try turning off technology at a specific time each day. Similarly, avoid turning straight to your phone or tabled first thing in the morning. You'll feel much more in control of your daily life without all that external interference.


I hope this guide helps you live more minimally. If you're keen on trying a minimalistic lifestyle, share the first thing you're going to do below!



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