The Story Behind Mi Goals: Interview with Founder Adam Jelic

January 27, 2017

The Story Behind Mi Goals: Interview with Founder Adam Jelic

If you're one of the lucky owners of a Goals Diary or Get Shit Done notebook from Mi Goals, you might be wondering who you should thank for finally getting your goals on paper. We had a chat with Adam Jelic, Founder and Managing Director of Mi Goals, about how the brand came to be and what he has planned for the future.

Tell us about what inspired you to launch MiGoals, and what it means to you.

I was frustrated with what existed on the market - I couldn’t find a well designed book that allowed me to write my goals, plan my week and stay inspired. Thus, I decided to create one for myself. 

Fair enough! So when did you launch MiGoals, and what has the journey been like since?

The first product we launched was the Mi Goals 2011 Diary, and the journey since has been both exciting and challenging. With any type of business, its never an easy ride. Each year we have made it a focus to change things up to keep evolving the brand into the vision we have for it.  

There are many planners on the market, all designed to make lives better in one way or the other. Why did you decide to focus goal setting?

Today we are inundated with so much information, which in most cases causes overwhelm and indecisiveness. As a result, we wanted to focus on goal setting and other tools that would have a positive impact on peoples lives and help them gain clarity and focus on what they need to be doing day in day out.

Sounds like the perfect tools. How do you use the Mi Goals products yourself?

I use the hard cover diary and a get shit done book, and I also test our other products to understand the user experience.

So who is part of the team, and where are you based?

We have a team of five now and are based in Moorabbin, which is in Melbourne, Australia.

And what does a 'regular' day look like in the studio?

Its fun, chaotic at times, and exciting. On a day to day level its about dealing with operations while also planning and executing future ranges and product releases.

Sounds like you've had a fantastic journey since the launch. Tell us about your best moments.

Obviously taking the plunge and starting Mi Goals in late 2010. Since then, being able to quit my full time job in late 2015 to work on Mi Goals, and getting Urban Outfitters on board as a retailer in 2016.

What does the future look like for Mi Goals? Any exciting changes ahead?

The future is very exciting. I have always said what kept me going when times got tough was the vision I had for Mi Goals. In the next year we are excited to be working with some key people in the industry and can't wait to Get Shit Done and make Mi Goals into a worldwide leading lifestyle brand.






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