The Story Behind Get to Work Book: Interview with Founder Elise Cripe

February 05, 2017

The Story Behind Get to Work Book: Interview with Founder Elise Cripe

Only a very brilliant person can be the mastermind behind our bestselling Get to Work Books. These very unique planners are focused on getting work done, and all you guys absolutely love them! We had a chat to the Founder, Owner, and Chief Box Packer Elise Cripe, about the brand and what her days look like. 

Thanks for taking the time to have a chat! Tell us about your inspiration for Get to Work Book.

Thank you! Let's see...I have enjoyed setting and working towards goals for years. For a while I thought maybe I could write a book about goal-setting but then realised it would be more effective to just create a tool that helps people work towards, plan for and accomplish their goals.

Why the concept of 'get to work'?

I wanted a planner that got out of your way and let you just get down to business. This isn't about thinking about doing something, it's about DOING something... hence "get to work".

So, when did you launch, and what has the journey been like since?

I got the idea in August 2014 and opened up pre-order for the first version on March 31st 2015. Since then there have been four full year work books (both July to June and January to December editions) and many more offshoot products.

Who is part of the team, and where are you based?

Just me, 100% of the time. But I also have a virtual assistant who helps with online work and my mom, who retired last year, helps me pack orders. We are based out of San Diego. The bulk of the products are printed and produced in the US.

That's really impressive! You must be very busy. What does a 'regular' day look like?

Wake up. Drop off my older daughter at school. Take my younger daughter with me to the warehouse. Pack books, stop by the post office. Come home, play with the little one. Get her down for a nap. Check email, respond to email. Try to pick up the house. Little one wakes up. Run errands, go for a walk, play. Pick up older daughter from school. Eat dinner. Bath for kiddos. Take a shower. Check email, print labels for tomorrow’s packing. Watch TV with my husband. Go for another walk. Read. Sleep. :) On non-regular days I do exciting things like work on new products, edit new products and take photos.

Sounds like a packed schedule. You must use the Get to Work Books products yourself to keep organised and productive?

Yes, I do. :) I use the day planner every day to keep track of my personal and business to-dos. I use the project breakdown pages when I have something big I am working on. I send letterpress GTWB cards. I use GTWB washi tape on almost everything.

Tell us about your top 3 moments since the launch.

Selling out of the first round. Taking photos of the new product I launched last February and getting it all on the site. Getting emails from repeat customers who love the book.

Great ride so far. What does the future look like for GTWB?

Thank you! It's been fun. In the immediate future, I plan to launch more products, expand my wholesale reach, and keep the same GET TO WORK goal. :)





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