Inspirational Young Go-Getters: January

January 12, 2017

Inspirational Young Go-Getters: January

When I come across young entrepreneurs who make a difference in the world, it reminds me of all the possibilities. It's truly amazing to hear about people who have achieved far-fetched dreams, with little more than a bold vision and a whole lotta hustle. 

Here are 5 success stories to add some fire to your January. 

Because there's nothing like showing how it's done to get you moving. You too, can achieve big things. Go ahead and soak up the dreamy fairy dust of these individuals and teams. 

Melanie Perkins: Founder and CEO, Canva 

Up & Atem Young Go-Getters Melanie Perkins

Melanie Perkins, Cofounder and CEO of Canva. Photo: Huffington Post

Frustrated by the slow and counter-intuitive ways of using traditional design software, Melanie set out on a mission to create an online platform that would satisfy the needs of the future. Years later, t
he online design tool Canva has over 10 million users, and is valued at $458 million. Turning the average Joe into a graphic design whiz, the tool is causing some ripples across the industry. 

After launching Canva out of her mother's living room, Melanie stresses the importance of not comparing "your behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel" (HuffPost). She's proving to the world that you can achieve your goals with a strong vision and lots of persistence - regardless of background, age and experience. Take a bow, Melanie.

Jarryd Burns, Daniel Flynn, and Justine Flynn: Cofounders, Thankyou.

Up & Atem Young Go-Getters Thankyou. Jarryd Burns Daniel Flynn Justine Flynn

Jarryd Burns, Daniel Flynn, and Justine Flynn, Cofounders of Thankyou. Photo: supplied to Business Insider

They wanted to change the world. That's a big goal to set – but not impossible to achieve. Launching Thankyou. with zero funding and a whole lotta go-get, passion, and hustle, the trio encourage customers to purchase water to fund clean water projects. They have now expanded into food and body care ranges. 

Going head to head with some of the biggest food and beverage companies in very crowded markets, they used the power of social media and customer demand for social responsibility to build a trusted and respected brand. Now featured on the shelves of the largest supermarkets and retailers in Australia, this trio are showing the true impact of social entrepreneurship.

Jessica Sepel: Founder, JSHealth  

Up & Atem Young Go-Getters Jessica Sepel

Jessica Sepel, Founder of JSHealth. Photo: Rob Palmer via Daily Mail

After years of
struggling with body image issues, a negative relationship with food, and emotional stress, Jessica is paving the way for the new healthy way of living. Now a qualified nutritionist, published health author, and food and wellness blogger, she empowers women to develop healthy relationships with food. 

In the body obsessed and social media driven age we live in, her passion for holistic wellness is a breath of fresh air. Always generous with easy recipes, de-stressing methods, and positive self-talk, she's one to follow for a healthier and happier life. 

Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi: Cofounders, Orange Sky Laundry  

Up & Atem Young Go-Getters Orange Sky Laundry

Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi, Cofounders of Orange Sky Laundry. Photo: Paul Harris via Sydney Morning Herald

Australians of the Year Lucas and Nicholas are returning respect and dignity to people on the streets by operating a free mobile laundry service. Starting off with only one van equipped with a generator and two washing machines and dryers, they hit the road to improve hygiene standards of the homeless.

Now operating across the country, the duo are making a difference to their friends on the street above and beyond hygiene. They are turning attention to homelessness, and getting support and funding from the Government and companies.

Driven by the desire to lend a hand to those in need, they show the big impact two people can have on such a large social issue.  

Julie Stevanja: Cofounder and CEO, Stylerunner

Up & Atem Young Go-Getters Stylerunner Sali and Julie Stevanja

Sali Stevanja and Julie Stevanja, Cofounders of Stylerunner. Photo: The Footnotes

Embarking on a journey to change the fitness-to-fashion stage, Julie launched the successful shopping site Stylerunner in 2012 with her twin sister. Since then, they have developed a cult following online and influenced the use of activewear.

The idea for Stylerunner came when Julie had trouble finding fashionable workout wear. With the sport luxe trend taking hold over the past few years, all the big names as well as niche boutiques in the fitness industry are jumping on the Stylerunner wagon. Focusing on a seamless customer experience has made the aggregator a popular shopping destination. 

The nugget of gold here is the focus on a market gap, and a brilliant understanding of who the customer is. And, I believe one of Stylerunner's values is "hustle" - hinting at one of the ingredients to success.  

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